iLookOut Learning Program

iLookOut is an interactive, online mandated reporter training that has been designed specifically for people who work or volunteer at a child care program – including family child care, Head Start, child care centers, pre-schools, and nursery schools.

The iLookOut learning program as a whole will provide the participant with further opportunities to earn professional development credit at no charge. There will be handouts, fliers, and exercises to help the participant stay engaged and up-to-date as well as learning games that can be completed on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. These additional resources are presented as Pings.

iLookOut also involves research that is studying how best to prepare child care providers to protect children from abuse. To do this, child care providers in Maine will be offered the opportunity to participate in the iLookOut learning program, at different points over a 3-year period.  Participants of this project will be contributing to research that we hope will establish a national standard for protecting children.


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