Many resources are available for download to learn every detail about the iLookOut Learning Program:

“What is iLookOut for Child Abuse?”

  • iLookOut is an interactive, online mandated reporter training that has been designed specifically for “child care providers” ––i.e., people who work or volunteer at child care programs, including family child care, Head Start, child care centers, pre-schools, and nursery schools.
  • iLookOut is also a broader learning program that includes handouts, resources, and learning games.
  • iLookOut also involves research that is studying how best to prepare child care providers to protect children from abuse.

“How much does iLookOut cost?”

  • All activities involved with the iLookOut program are free of charge.

“What do I get from participating?”

  • Completing the iLookOut training will satisfy your State requirements for mandated reporter training; give you 3 hours of free professional development credit; and help you better understand how to protect children from abuse.

“How are participants chosen and grouped?”

  • We are inviting child care providers in Maine who work or volunteer at any licensed child care program located along the I-95 corridor.
  • Child care programs will be randomly assigned to 1 of 3 groups –using a computer program that takes into account size, location, and other characteristics so that each of the 3 groupings includes an equal number of child care programs with similar characteristics.
  • The 3 groups differ in terms of when they will be invited to complete the iLookOut training. Some child care providers will be invited Aug. 1, 2017, others will be invited in either August 2018 or August 2019.

Privacy: “Will my personal information be shared with others?”

  • No. We keep all of your personal information confidential. We use a unique code to protect your identifiable information. So, when we analyze the results, your data (i.e., your responses to questions and learning exercises) will not be linked to your name.

“Who’s doing this, and are they making money from it?”

  • No money is being collected from Maine child care providers or programs, or state agencies; and the people responsible for this research are salaried employees of the Penn State College of Medicine.
  • iLookOut was created by a multi-disciplinary team of experts in child abuse, early childhood education, online learning, mandated reporter training, law, ethics, child advocacy, and instructional design.
  • This project is sponsored by the Penn State Center for the Protection of Children and also by the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development.